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From lumber cut-to-order and farm supplies to solar well supplies and flooring options, get everything you need for your home and farm at our convenience store in Leedey. Visit us today and enjoy the ease of shopping with us.

Shopping for farm and livestock supplies is not always easy. Get that extra help from our friendly staff members. Not only will we help you locate what you need in our store, we can also suggest supplies that'll suit your budget and requirements.


That's not all! Add value and beauty to your home with attractive flooring options from us. We'll be glad to make a few suggestions if you need. Call us for a FREE estimate: 580-488-3506.

A leaking roof in the middle of the night can be a real bother. Why deal with such problems when the professionals at Leedey Lumber And Farm Supply LLC can install a new roof for you right away! Don't forget to ask for factory warranty details.


Avoid paying a fortune the next time you shop for lumber and farm supplies. You'll get attractive deals and discounts when you shop from us. Special volume and contractor DISCOUNTS available!

Shop while our knowledgeable staff members help you find what you want

Don't wait until your roof leaks! Get a new tin roof today!

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